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The Unbeatable synergy of Okta, Auth0, Sailpoint, and Netskope. In a world where ‘trust but verify’ no longer suffices, the Zero Trust framework emerges as the gold standard for security. To enact this strategic vision, we built a strong partnership with Okta and Auth0 for (C)IAM, Sailpoint for IGA and Netskope for SASE.

Empowering Growth: The Power of Partnerships

We choose to collaborate with select partners who share our vision, values, and dedication to excellence. Together, we leverage complementary strengths, drive innovation, and achieve mutual success.

With SailPoint we can offer our clients advanced identity governance and access management, enhancing their overall security posture and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Auth0 by Okta

We’ve chosen Auth0 by Okta for its broad customer identity provider capabilties, facilitating seamless integration with various directories, social logins, and enterprise systems.


Okta, the leading identity management platform, aligns seamlessly with our vision for the future of IAM. Emphasizing secure access across all devices and applications in a holistic solution.


Netskope stands out with its patented private security infrastructure. Its platform offers threat protection, data loss prevention, and cloud security posture management approach.

Our End-to-End Services

Whether you’re trying to solve a business case or a deep-technical challenge, we have extensive expertise in each of the below technical domains and are ready to support you.

CIAM - Customer Identity Access Management

CIAM is crucial for businesses, merging advanced security with enhanced user experiences. CIAM protects customer data with multi-factor authentication and single sign-on, while enabling personalized interactions and ensuring regulatory compliance.

IAM - Identity & Access Management

IAM has become vital due to the increasing complexity of IT environments, hybrid working and regulatory landscapes. We guide organizations through the labyrinth of IAM in an end-to-end model, ensuring that the foundational principles of a well-architected IAM system are not only understood but also effectively executed and maintained.

SASE - Secure Access Service Edge

The rise of remote work, SaaS and cloud computing has outpaced traditional network security solutions, making Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) essential. It merges network security and WAN into a cloud-native platform, offering secure, location-independent access to resources.

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