End-to-end Services

Our profound expertise spans four technical domains. Together, these four domains address the Zero Trust model’s requirements, providing end-to-end solutions that protect against modern digital threats by ensuring that access is securely managed, continuously verified, and consistently governed across the entire organizational ecosystem.

Technical domains

IAM – Identity & Access Management

IAM has become vital due to the increasing complexity of IT environments, hybrid working and regulatory landscapes. We guide organizations through the labyrinth of IAM in an end-to-end model, ensuring that the foundational principles of a well-architected IAM system are not only understood but also effectively executed and maintained.

IGA – Identity Governance & Administration

The expansion of digital identities, the rise of cloud services and the complexities of regulatory compliance have eclipsed conventional identity management frameworks. Modern IGA (Identity Governance and Administration) integrates governance and access controls in a unified framework, enhancing security and compliance across the organisation.

SASE – Secure Access Service Edge

The rise of remote work, SaaS and cloud computing has outpaced traditional network security solutions, making Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) essential. It merges network security and WAN into a cloud-native platform, offering secure, location-independent access to resources.

CIAM – Customer Identity Access Management

CIAM is crucial for businesses, merging advanced security with enhanced user experiences. CIAM protects customer data with multi-factor authentication and single sign-on, while enabling personalized interactions and ensuring regulatory compliance.

How we work

Your journey with Upright starts with a conversation, not “Death by Powerpoint”. We take the time to understand your organization, it’s security posture, current policies and gaps to fill. A first conversation typically concludes in a decision if it makes sense to continue, no time wasted.

A Security Architect will dive deep into your challenges and security gaps. This will allow us to understand current infrastructure, access control needs, governance policies and identity lifecycle management processes.

Based on the intake, we discuss and decide on a solution design tailored to your challenge. 
We engage with your IT, business and security stakeholders to ensure that the design aligns with your technical requirements and organizational goals. The solution design will indicate the necessary sources in terms of consultancy and software solutions. We have done extensive technical study whereby we’ve chosen to solely work with 4 software domain leaders.

Our team of experts collaborates with your IT staff to implement the designed solution. We conduct extensive testing to validate that the different components function as intended and provide training to your IT and security teams to empower them to manage the new system & processes effectively.

Just a finger click away from helping you at any given time. Our Managed Services range from operational to incident management but also ongoing guidance to your eg. CISO, CIO or IT Security Director to ensure future success for all stakeholders.

As part of our end-to-end approach, we handle all licensing of Okta, Sailpoint and Netskope and make sure you get the best deal.

Our partnerships

Leveraging the powerhouse of Okta, Auth0 by Okta, Sailpoint and Netskope, we’re uniquely positioned to revolutionize the security landscape, seamlessly integrating (customer) identity and access management, governance and secure access service edge.