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Organizations often face significant identity challenges, including fragmented identity management, remote work challenges, and a lack of visibility and control. While many turn to their cloud infrastructure vendors for identity & access pains, these tools often lack a holistic approach.

The struggle

Fragmented Identity & Landscape

Managing user identities across multiple platforms on-prem or cloud-based, HR applications, and directories lead to fragmentation and inconsistency, making it difficult to enforce security policies and ensure compliance.

Remote Work Challenges

The shift to remote work has extended the traditional network perimeter, making it more difficult to manage access securely. Employees need to access resources from anywhere, at any time, often using personal or unsecured devices.

Compliance & Privileged Access

Ensure your business adheres to necessary regulations and protecting data. Controlling access to crucial systems and information minimizes security risks, crucial for safeguarding your organization’s integrity and maintaining customer trust.

How You Should Master Identity

1. From Fragmented to Unified

No matter the complexity of your IT landscape, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to give you that unified overview. Using anything as a source, whether its on-premises or cloud-based, including HR applications and directories.

2. Access Anywhere, at any time, at any device

Our services extend the traditional network perimeter to securely manage access anywhere, at any time, and from any device. By implementing robust authentication mechanisms and secure access protocols, we ensure that employees can safely access the resources they need, without compromising the security of sensitive information.

3. Ensuring Compliance

Our solutions provide comprehensive controls and reporting features that ensure your business adheres to necessary regulations while protecting data. With advanced access management and real-time monitoring capabilities, we minimize security risks and safeguard your organization’s integrity, thereby maintaining customer trust and compliance with industry standards.

Telenet & Upright Security for IAM

“Telenet has chosen Upright Security and Okta as an IAM solution as they beat the competition on delivering a user-friendly, secure & multi-tenant Access Management system. As a result Telenet reduced manual efforts and converged multiple legacy solutions which saved costs on upgrading, patching, infrastructure & integration.”

Mark Van Tiggel
Cybersecurity Director

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IAM – Identity & Access Management

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