The future of
Network Security

Organizations often face significant identity challenges, including fragmented identity management, remote work challenges, and a lack of visibility and control. While many turn to their cloud infrastructure vendors for identity & access pains, these tools often lack a holistic approach.

The struggle

Yesterday’s IT world is characterized by on-premise infrastructure and applications. Today, the shift towards SaaS and cloud-based services has changed the way companies should approach Network Security.

Managing Cost and Complexity

Businesses and CISOs are grappling with the escalating costs and complexity of maintaining traditional hardware-based network security solutions. These systems not only drain financial resources but also require extensive consultancy overhead.

Secure VPN Replacement

Fundamentally change how access is granted. Unlike traditional VPN solutions, ZTNA services provide secure, context-aware access to internal applications without exposing them to the internet, significantly reducing the attack surface.

The Rise of SaaS & GenAI

With the growth of cloud services and AI applications, shadow IT has become a growing concern. Unsanctioned and anonymous use of applications and services poses significant security risks, including data leakage and compliance issues.

The path towards more efficient Network Security

Embracing SASE represents a strategic move towards overcoming these struggles with a comprehensive, cloud-native security platform.

Unify Network Security with SASE

Addressing security and networking concerns on a converged platform built on the largest private security cloud infrastructure, allows for a truly unified end-to-end SASE strategy. Only this approach to SASE lets customers benefit from reduced cyber risk, greater business agility, lower costs, and simplified operations while delivering a phenomenal end user experience.

Modernize Your VPN with ZTNA

With a ZTNA solution as an alternative for your VPN, users can connect anywhere to private resources hosted on-prem or in the cloud, ensuring fast application connectivity and the best user experience in terms of performance. Let authenticated users connect directly to authorized applications with end-to-end traffic encryption.

Coach GenAI & SaaS usage whilst protecting data

Manage generative AI applications and data leakage by prioritizing user coaching over outright blocking. This strategy educates users on safe practices, promoting secure use of GenAI apps while its advanced data loss prevention (DLP) technology safeguards sensitive information across any environment. Together, these measures ensure secure innovation and effective protection against data breaches.

Learn more about SASE

Learn more about SASE and how it can tackle a wide range of technical challenges.

SASE – Secure Access Service Edge

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