Make Customer Identity easy for your developers

Simplify the developer experience by offering a hassle-free way for customers to sign in to your applications. By taking the complexity out of authentication, developers can focus on creating amazing products instead of worrying about login systems. It’s a win-win for both developers and customers alike.

The struggle

Companies offering a customer-facing B2B or B2C application have enough on their head without keeping up with the latest security & compliance standards. Here are the three biggest struggles we notice at our customers.

Customer Sign-Up Processes

Businesses often lose potential customers at the first hurdle due to complex or time-consuming sign-up processes. A frictionless user onboarding experience is crucial for both B2B and B2C segments to enhance customer KPI’s.

Balance Security & CX

Maintaining customer engagement and security is increasingly difficult in a digital environment where users expect personalized and seamless interactions. Meanwhile a breach of sensitive customer data can end your business so the highest security controls are crucial.

Lack of Analytics & Holistic View

Businesses struggle to understand their customers’ behaviors, preferences, and needs due to fragmented data and the absence of a unified analytics platform. This lack of insight prevents the delivery of targeted services and hampers growth opportunities.

The Advantage of an Independent CIAM Solution

Streamlined Sign-Up and Authentication

Leverage dynamic, user-friendly authentication flows that adjust based on context, risk level, and user preferences. Easily implement social login, progressive profiling, MFA & passwordless capabilities. Our approach reduces barriers to entry, improves CX and elevates KPI’s across diverse customers.

Unified User Experience and Personalization

Implement capabilities like SSO that enable users to navigate seamlessly between services and applications. Coupled with advanced profiling and personalization features, this ensures a cohesive and engaging user experience that boosts retention & customer satisfaction.

Integrated Analytics & Unified Overview

Utilize a platform that integrates with a wide range of analytics tools, providing a comprehensive view of user behaviors and preferences across all customer-facing apps. This consolidated data aids in creating targeted strategies for user engagement and product development, driving business growth.

The Advantage of an “Independent” Platform

Choosing an independent CIAM platform offers unparalleled flexibility and control, avoiding the pitfalls of vendor lock-in and infrastructure silos associated with cloud infrastructure vendors. An independent solution not only allows for easy integration with existing systems but also ensures that you can adapt to evolving business needs and technology landscapes.

A word from our customers

“We wanted to offer our fans a more personalized experience and improve services for football clubs, players and partners. This meant consolidating all our platforms with a single CIAM solution. Together we built a unified RBFA hub that provides all our stakeholders access to all services.”

Koen Landsheer
IT Manager @ Royal Belgian Football Association

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CIAM – Customer Identity Access Management

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